Monday, October 10, 2005

Filipina Models, anyone?

I can't seem to think of writing another entry without mentioning the fact that since directing the shoot of Slipstream's babe of the week Dang Palma and shooting cures for Kisses Atilano, I've been asked to shoot more babe segments for Slipstream.

In order to make this 3 minute segment even better and to give viewers of our show (who are mostly guys like me) something to really look at, I asked a long time friend and an upcoming young Director to help me out in this shoot. Bong Malong, son of Director Flor Malong, is a craftsman who as earned his stripes working on a number of video projects and he has impressed me a lot with the edgy beauty of his shots plus the fact that he is really quite fun to work with.

In the next episodes of Slipstream, our hot babe segment will include Vanessa Khain, Liz Festejo, and a couple of other girls. We'll be shooting at the Fiesta Resort somewhere in Rizal Province tomorrow Tuesday October 11 (GMT8).

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