Tuesday, October 04, 2005

PNTCC 2005: Philippine Racing at its best

In the 1960's the Philippine racing scene was massive, with corporate sponsors pumping in enormous amounts of money to fund their racing teams.

Just when things were getting great, martial law came down and with that came the ban on Philippine motorsports during the 70's oil crisis, killing what could have been one of the greater tourist attractions in the country and could have made the country a mecca for motor sports.

Philippine racing went underground for a while.

After Marcos' ouster, in the mid 1980's, the Philippine racing scene began showing signs of life again and in 1994 big money started coming in again, but sadly the enthuasiasm of sponsors have since begun to wane a bit.

This year, the Philippine National Touring Car Championships (PNTCC) 2005 makes a bid for another resurgence in the racing scene.

Races in previous years had been small, but with the new set up and rules, more teams have joined in the fray.

Racing out from both the Batangas Racing Circuit and Subic International Racing Circuit, the PNTCC dishes out more hardcore racing action with rivalries on and off track flaring in bouts of serious clipping, bumping, grinding... spills and spin-outs... dramatic recoveries... etcetera... etcetera... You know the gig...

I don't even own a car but with the help of Mikko David, people at Race Fans Incorporated, and others... I'll be blogging about the next few races when I get the chance and I am considering the option of coming out with a new blog for that with video clips, pictures, and some articles.

Hold on! It's coming.

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