Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pinoy Business Stories: Anti-Car Jacking Device (Part 2)

Last year, Quezon City (particularly the Timog - Tomas Morato area) had earned the unsavory reputation of being ground zero for car jacking and car theft.

The demand for anti-car theft and other security devices continues to surge.

One of the more promising devices is a product developed by JBMP enterprises and is simply called LJM ANTI-Carnapping and ANTI-Carjacking Device.

Above is a shot of the Anti-Car Jacking device held by its inventor.

Since its introduction last year, it has thwarted the efforts of 9 out of every ten 10 car jacking and carnapping attempts on various vehicles.

All the vehicle owner has to do is to arm the device through a very discrete procedure upon leaving his or her vehicle. If anyone other than the owner manages to start the vehicle and begin to drive it away, they'll get the surprise of their life one minute later as the car alarm suddenly turns on and the car's engine stops dead.

In cases where the owner of the vehicle is forced to hand over their vehicle, all the vehicle owner has to do is to arm the device and let the car robbers drive the vehicle off. One minute later the car will automatically shut off and sound its alarm, putting enough safe distance between the car owner and the robbers.

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