Saturday, June 17, 2006

PTCC Drivers' Meeting

Pretty much all of the drivers of the Philippine Touring Car Championships (PTCC) met up at the Valle Verde Club on Thursday June 15 to sort out what -- as in, 'what more' -- should be done after the smash up at the Subic International Raceway during the June 4 morning race.

I had been blogging about the incident days after it happened and I had been saying that Miguel Lazaro had caused the smash up.

I had a chance to hear Miguel's side of the matter and for one reason or another, I just didn't buy his side of the story. You better just watch Round 3 of Group three which will be showing soon on Studio 23 next Sunday June 25. The show is on at 12 noon.

This is, of course, not to pass judgement on his character as a person and as a race driver. He is among the nicest guys on the track and he is a darned good race driver, fiery and fearless.

Then again, others had passed judgement on him and first among them had been the racing stewards who already meted a fine and other penalties. Miguel has since made moves to appeal the decision but I have no idea about how this is faring right now.

The other drivers, (Peewee Mendiola and Niko Montinola) had their piece to say about the incident and the way it seemed to be going, it seemed as if they wanted the organizers of the PTCC to stop Miguel from racing. I am not sure if they were or are part of the group of drivers who were petitioning for the organizers to either stop Miguel from running, threatening to stop racing with the PTCC if their demands were not met.

The organizers explained that under AAP and FIA rules, Miguel had already been penalized and barring any further incidents, that would be that.

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