Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blogging for Greenbacks (Part 4): Getting rid of the barriers to higher traffic for your blog

Blogging for greenbacks is a nifty idea and people are really earning from it.

Getting a blog up and running is easy as one, two, three. Registering with Google Adsense and installing ads on your blog is also almost a no-brainer.

But between you and the hundreds or thousands of dollars are two problems:

1. Getting people to visit your blog
2. Getting people to click your ads

Up until this point, I have told you about the various methods I have tried and how they failed to get me the results that I wanted. I have also told you about the methods that I doubt really works and the methods that are sure to get your blog banned from search engines. This is the part where I tell you about the methods that seem to be working for me.

At this stage, I cannot claim to be a successful blogger in terms of the number of people who visit my blog and the amount of money I have earned.

If you are just beginning to blog for money (or just came from under a rock or just anded from outerspace), then my series of articles on blogging for greebacks is just for you.

If you are a professional blogger and who claims to have made thousands of dollars from blogging, show me the money. Or better yet, just give me the money.

With that said, the next question should be, what should you focus more energy on first? The answer, as far as I am concerned, is that you have to prioritize getting web traffic or visitors first. This is an objective you have to pursue on a number of levels.

I think that the first things you have to do to ensure your blog gets traffic is to eliminate the reasons that keep visitors from finding your blog.

1. The title and URL of your blog
The very least that a title should do for your blog is to tell or suggest what you will be blogging about.

After this, you can consider if it is:
  • Made of commonly used words
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to type correctly
Whatever it is you decide to call your blog, you should get a URL that is the same or as similar as possible to your blog's title.

2. Registering your blog's URL to Search Engines
Even if you have a great title and URL, you shouldn't count on people typing it directly into their browser's search bar. Registering your URL with a search engine will give people an additional way to find your blog (intentionally or unintentionally).

To make it easy for you, just click these links and accomplish the online forms. Don't forget to click submit.
Add your URL to Google

Add your URL to Yahoo Search

Add your URL to AOL Search

Add your URL to MSN Search
3. Registering your blog on blog search sites
Blog search sites are websites that are devoted to keeping track of blogs and rank them according to the number of visitors it has, the number of people who link to it, the number of people who vote for it as their favorite, etcetera.

The thing is, you should count on the fact that your visitors will most likely be other bloggers.

For a list of blog search engines, you can go here

As for me, I have only so far registered with Technorati
4. Employing feed services for your blog
This is how Feedburner describes what a feed service is: If you publish a blog, you publish a feed. A feed is the format that allows your content to be delivered (and subscribed to) on the Web.

Translate this to mean that more people will read your blog more often.
5. Cross-feeding your blog to Multiply, Facebook, Friendster and other social networking sites
If you have an account in Multiply and Facebook, you ought to know that you can import your blog into these social networking websites. Meaning, that if you post an entry in Blogger it will be automatically displayed in your Multiply and Facebook accounts.

Ask yourself, who else but your friends will be interested in whatever it is you have to say about anything.
(Next up: Generating traffic through content)

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