Friday, January 09, 2009

Now Showing: Brodett Family Feud at the NBI

The poor Dave Brodett, the friendly Justice Usec. Ricardo Blancaflor, and the onion-skinned PDEA Officer Ferdinand Marcelino will make their appearance at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) today.

This after Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez asked the NBI to investigate cases of bribery attempts involving Marcelino and Department of Justice prosecutors.

The whole saga regarding the Alabang Boys, bribery attempts at the PDEA and DOJ, the face off between DOJ Secretary Gonzalez and PDEA Officer Marcelino, the teary confession of the poor Brodetts, and the ensuing controversy around the alleged bribery attempts has been receiving the lions share of the media spotlight. It unseated the Pangandaman-Dela Paz Valley Golf Brawl as a top story and now continues to haul in traffic for Philippine on-line newspapers.

Next to melodramas, it seems Filipinos are in-love with live news drama involving the rich and powerful. Before all of this, what received major attention (marathon live TV and radio news coverage) was the Blue Ribbon Committee hearings on the P732-Million Fertilizer Fund Scam. For sure, there were others (such as the Hello Garci hearings and before that, former President Joseph Estrada's Impeachment trial).

However the current one has all the makings of a soap opera in the tradition of Dallas.

The PDEA-DOJ-Brodett saga heated upon on Tuesday when Marcelino and DOJ Secretary Gonzalez tangled at the House of Representatives Hearing (Congress) on the alleged bribery attempts.

If it what I heard over DZMM's live radio coverage had been an American police melodrama (think Mike Hammer, NYPD Blue, etcetera) on Wednesday, Marcelino would have played the role of the teary eyed cop frustrated by the justice system and Gonzalez would have played the part of the D. A. who claims his hands were bound by the technical requisites of the law.

Then, there came the confessions of Dave and Anthony Brodett -- the Uncle and first cousin of Alabang boy Richard Brodett.

Dave, a former actor and professional Athlete, decried the miscarriage of justice and the soiling of his family name. Anthony, his son, confessed that his cousin had taught him how to use drugs and that his Auntie not only knew about it, but had used his cousin to buy drugs for her.


Looking at both the Pangandaman-Dela Paz Valley Golf Brawl and the Brodett Family Feud, it seems that the rich and famous are once again the IN thing.

Hold on for revivals of Falcon Crest, Dallas, and other soap operas that tell of the lives of the rich, powerful and CORRUPT.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that these current Now Showings are just sidelights in the bigger on going melodrama that is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's continuing hold on power?

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