Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ang Kapatiran solicits nominees for Presidential Candidate

Perhaps New Philippine Revolution and Better Philippines will perk up to this bit of news as I am eager to find out their own views on this development.

The Alliance for the Common Good or Ang Kapatiran is soliciting nominations for a Presidential Candidate in 2010.  

The group is a Comelec-registered national political party that stands on a platform with clear and specific policy objectives all aimed at enhancing the common good, promoting the politics of virtue and the politics of duty.

I think that Ang Kapatiran represents another indication of our people's growing ability to create choices for themselves and I support their effort.

Here is their announcement which also appears in their website:
At the meeting of the Party’s National Executive Committee held at #142 Swallow Drive, Greenmeadows, Quezon City on 20 March 2009, a quorum was present and acted throughout; the following resolution was adopted and approved.

“RESOLVED, that ANG KAPATIRAN PARTY shall elect, through a nomination and selection process, its candidate for president for the upcoming 2010 elections.” 

The following are the requirements for nominees:

  1. Must possess the qualifications required by law which are (a) a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, (b) a registered voter, (c) able to read and write, (d) at least forty years of age on the day of the election, and (e) a resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately preceding such election;
  2. Must be willing to become a member of AKP and accept the AKP Founding Principles and Political Platform in whole without any mental reservation;
  3. Must be morally upright, courageous and competent individual, responsible citizen and parent, and trusted leader;
  4. Must have no previous conviction or pending criminal case in court, in the Ombudsman, or fiscal’s office;
  5. Must have a college degree;
  6. Must be willing to accept and abide by the AKP Code of Conduct;
  7. Must be willing to run for president under the AKP.
The nominating individual must be a bonafide member of AKP.  Deadline for submission of nominations is 30 April 2009.  Nominations may be submitted via email to

I actually exchange text messages with Eric Manalang and was able to learn that any one can nominate their choice for President providing that they join Ang Kapatiran.

I've scoured their website this morning and couldn't find an on-line registration form, which would have made things much simpler for me.

In anycase, if you want to know what an AKP candidate should adopt or integrate in his or her platform, you can find it here.

On a side note, I am just wondering if Better Philippines will nominate Victor Wood.

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