Monday, April 13, 2009

Villar to dance Itik-itik, Roxas to padyak to the Presidency

If you're wondering how the 2010 Presidential elections in the Philippines will look like, you really have to stretch your imagination.

Most people are betting that Senator Manny Villar will try to make his Presidential campaign take flight with his duck farmer TV commercials. The bill on this ad campaign is truly huge and with the enormous amount of money riding on his campaign, Villar is praying that it doesn't lay an egg.

And as far as betting is concerned, I've heard it said that you'll know when a cock fight or sabong between a cock and duck is rigged when someone bets on the duck and then the duck wins.
Villar reportedly ordered roast duck for dinner. He was a bit upset when his order arrived after an hour. He asked the waiter why it took so long to cook. The waiter said that the duck had to be put in the oven twice. Villar asked why. The waiter replied, "Haven't you heard of double insertion?"
And you wonder, where is Villar getting all his money? Does he actually have the duck that lays the golden egg? Maybe Villar is just waiting for the right time to admit it, perhaps he'll do so off the record and when Congresswoman Cynthia Villar is way out of hearing range.
It's not true that Villar is henpecked, that's just fowl!
It's not true that Villar is henpecked! The last time wife Cynthia threw a plate at him, he ducked.
What do you call the video footage of Villar with thousands of ducks in the background? Duck tape. The ad guys wanted the message to be sticky.
As an added feature of his 2010 Presidential Campaign, Villar was said to have contracted the Bayanihan Dancers to teach him how to dance the Itik-itik so he can perform this in every single one of his campaign sorties.

What can I say? I am egg-cited to see him do this.

Of course, Mar Roxas is relieved that Villar is dancing Itik-Itik and not Cha-Cha.

And what about Mar Roxas?

They say that he'll have Pia Cayetano as a running mate. For God's sakes? Do you expect the man to padyak his pedicab all the way across the country.

Happy Easter everyone!

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