Thursday, April 02, 2009

Chip Tsao apologizes, says "Soli po!"

Pardon to my Chinese friends, but I imagined Chip Tsao saying "Wakanga! Soli na po. Soli po namin mga Filipina maids namin sa Hongkong."
At first, Filipinos (bloggers in particular) were all indignant over Chip Tsao's column, even those who really didn't take time to read his column but just overhead what was said in the news.
Teresita Ang-See must have quivered a bit as the whole fuss about Tsao's column could spark a rash of kidnappings of Filipino-Chinese in retaliation.
Then Dona Victorina scored super blogger Manolo "Forrest Gump" Quezon for apparently being on Tsao's side. Quezon apologized, also, or at least Dona Victorina claims he did. Whatever!
Instead of breeding solidarity among Filipinos, the whole thing resulted in a girly tiff in the blogosphere. Phew!
Here's the apology on RTHK radio if you want to listen to it.
Here's a transcription I swiped from Pedestrian Observer.
I have meant no harm whatsoever and it was never my intention
to ahhhh..... to ahhh..... to insult or.....or....or ....or humiliate to the
female community or the people. I think if you read the column as a whole piece
it was a bit of ahhhh it was a bit of.....self mockery and satire against the
arrogance ahhhh ..... of the Hong Kong employers........ and there've been a lot
of cases like that... and to treat the column as more or less...... as
a bit of a mini-drama it would be better understood.... and ahhh people know
this....people know this. English is a global language..... ahhhh.... it is open
to different interpretation by different people in the world. If some people has
interpreted to the.... my column in that way I think....ahhhhh... I very much
regret it and ahhh.... I ..... I.... wish to apologize to them and wish to
re-emphasize that it was not my intention.
And if case you didn't notice this, I am trying to be funny. Don't get offended if you don't find yourself laughing.


Political Jaywalker said...

namputsa, bastardized na nga yoong transcription ko ginawa mo pang soli sounding like he wants to return the maids. I say be very careful lest people might think you are egging Chip Tsao to return his maids as in you are fired....... oh wait, I forgot he has Indonesians for maids, yikes and all that huffing and pounding of their chest to save Louisa just went kaput, lol.

Admin said...

PJ... Na-offend ba kita o napatawa? I can't tell.

I don't want our Filipina maids to be sent home as a result of my entree. If that happens, hindi ko matatanggap ang hatol ng aking konsensya.

It really tears at my heart to hear sob story after sob story of why our Filipina women are working in foreign countries as maids. Specially some of them who graduated college and some of them who were teachers in public schools back home.

Like in my previous post PJ, I asked why are we continually being subjected to humiliating remarks and put downs? Or are we just being onion skinned?

I think madali tayong umalma kapag medyo nakakanti ang fragile nating mga egos, pero when it comes to really solving the problems that led our countrymen to seek jobs abroad, wala naman tayong imik halos.

Oo, kawawa tayo at kinakawawa tayo. Patuloy tayong kakawawain at patuloy tayong aatungal na parang mga batang pikon. Hindi magbabago ang sitwasyon na ito kahit ilang beses magsorry si Tsao or kung sino man.

Political Jaywalker said...

Nerbyoso ka pala, lol. No I am actually amused at your version of soli este sorry.

On a serious note, yes no amount of apology will solve anything in the same manner that no amount of pounding of the chest and indignation will earn us respect until a miracle of biblical proportion (though I am not the religious type I am hoping against hope for it to happen) that will uplift a huge portion of society out of poverty.

Admin said...

Medyo nerbyoso na ako these days,
after my experience with Bambee dela Paz's attack bloggers and my arguement with a friend blogger.

Anyway, I think I've already got "indignation fatigue".

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