Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pray for the ICRC workers held hostage by Abu Sayyaf

It is hard to imagine being away from my family for more than a couple of days.

Mary Jean, Andreas, and Eugenio have been in the boondocks of Sulu since January 15. They are suffering tremendously from the ordeal and are under constant threat of death.
Since the passing of the 2:00 PM deadline for the pull out of troops in the area in Sulu where the hostages and they Abu Sayyaf abductors were on March 30, there has been no communications with them.
Philippine National Red Cross Chairman and Senator Richard Gordon says this is a worrisome situation, to say the least.
Nevertheless, we're all still hopeful that the three will be freed by the Abu Sayyaf holding them hostage. We cannot even bare thinking of a negative outcome.
Our days at the Philippine National Red Cross headquarters are long but certainly not as long as the days of our ICRC colleagues.
Our appeal continues to the Abu Sayyaf to set their hostages free. Your prayers, your support in the coming days as Lent comes in will be very much appreciated.
We recently had Earth Hour, perhaps we can all just devote just 5 minutes everyday to pray for the safe release of the ICRC hostages in Sulu.

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