Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mar Roxas on fixing the country

I was trying to ignore this but, heck, what can I do. He actually said something in an Inquirer report that kinda roused me.

Here are more of Mar's deft verbal maneuvers.

“You just have the elite back-scratching each other and protecting each other’s interest. The elite screwed us up over the last four generations,” he said.

He acknowledged that he might be part of the elite in terms of socio-economic status.

Circumspection will sometime save the day.

When the Araneta's Gateway Mall was being built, several MMDA trucks were seen hauling gravel and cement to the construction site. Talk about not using your connections. Sure, this can be explained away. Oh well!

“But my record, my father’s record and grandfather’s record speak for themselves. It’s not like at anytime they stole or took advantage of their position, or in any way used their position to enlarge their economic interests,” he said.

How about Manuel Roxas I being a Japanese collaborator? How about the continuing connection between Mar and Japanese investors?
Remind me again, what was his stand on JPEPA?

The moneyed Araneta-Roxas clan owns the Araneta Center, the vast commercial center in Cubao, Quezon City, and are landowners in Capiz province. Roxas City, the capital of Capiz, was named after the clan’s patriarch, the first President of the post-war Philippine Republic.

“Why is it that Cubao is only doing call centers today when I was the guy who started it? [As trade and industry secretary], I was the one who awarded eco-zone status [to investors], which meant incentives and no taxes,” said Roxas.

His own town in Capiz remains a fourth class Municipality, while they live in great wealth both here in the Philippines and abroad.

Instead of raising the masses to their level, they pander to their baser interests. What can we expect from his as President? An end to corruption? He didn't even make a dent against the trade cartel in DTI, what makes him say that he can make a dent against bigger cartels running the national government?

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