Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why not a political ad for values, instead of buwa or padyakitos?

This is going to be short.

Instead of using political TV advertisements to extoll one's efforts to help OFW's or brandish an avowal to fight for the common man's interests, why don't politicians come out with ads that urge or inspire people to adhere to certain values.

What Manny Villar and Mar Roxas are saying in their ads is, basically, that they understand the plight of the masses.  They are saying that are going to do everything they can, after they are elected to fight for the common man's cause.  It's an upmanship between billionaires to show off who can be more masa than the other and ultimately, merely a pretense to mask their real ambition.

When did they start caring for the masses?

For Mar, I think it was sometime when he was first appointed as Trade Secretary by Joseph Estrada.  Before that, he was a Congressman whose own district (if he really cared for it) remains a fourth class municipality.  If he didn't care for his own people, how can he really care for everyone else's plight.

I'll be fair with Villar, because as far as Las Pinas is concerned I think he has done some good for low-income families there.  But apart from giving away money, I don't know what else he can claim to have done for Las Pinas -- the city is very much plagued by nightmarish traffic and crime.

Anyway, as I said, it would be better to extol values... Like perhaps, love of country.

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