Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili face off at senate hearing

Drugs could be behind all the Hayden Kho sex videos, says Senator Jamby Madrigal.

This is apparently the story that is developing after Dr. Hayden Kho showed up at the Senate for its investigation into the sex videos featuring himself and several women.

Prior to the hearing, Hayden was literally doused with cold water by former Pagsangjan Mayor Abner Afuang. Jamby asked for him to be arrested.

Anyway, I managed to catch the beginning of Katrina Halili's opening statement. As could be expected, she laid the emotional drama heavy.

She painted herself as a victim of love betrayed. She said that she thought Hayden had loved her and believed him when he said that she was his princess in his second life.

The lines couldn't have been better scripted.

In Senator Jingoy Estrada's interview with Hayden Kho, the doctor said that Katrina had taught him to use drugs -- ecstacy.

Katrina, for her part, denied this and said she had never taken drugs in her entire life.

Jamby asked Hayden said that a big time and powerful drug syndicate could have also possibly supplied him drugs and also caused the distribution of his sex tapes.

Senator Bong Revilla stepped in to ask Hayden how he feels that now he is facing Katrina Halili.

Also asked Hayden if he believes he should be punished and Hayden said he should be. There is an attempt to look remorseful.

For some reason, I was expecting he'd say: Naninigas po. Ang dami kasing camera!

Most of the hearing sounded like a radio drama.

Hayden has so far refused to divulge those whom he suspects of having stolen the videos he recorded and distributed it. He repeated several times that he could not name his drug dealer and that his life was under threat.

Even when Jamby asked for him to reveal the name of the drug dealer in a closed door session, Hayden. Just what this had to do with making laws against cyber sex crimes is beyond me.

Revilla asked questions which did not have anything to do with the making of laws. Like when he asked if Hayden and Vicky Belo were still together.

What the...?!

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