Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hayden Kho's Mom speaks out against Lolit Solis and Sen. Bong Revilla

Hayden Kho's mother came out on TV Patrol last night to in an interview where she accused Katrina Halili, Lolit Solis, and Senator Bong Revilla of orchestrating what amounts to a 'demolition job' against her child.

Kho's mother used the word 'scripted' several times in alleging that Revilla had contacted Solis in order for Halili to come out on television and accuse Kho of secretly taking video of them having sex.

Granted that Hayden's mother appeared to be quite ridiculous and dazed as she kept on repeating that she didn't want to say anything but kept on talking, it would be quite interesting to find out to what level had the 'scripting' had been done.

There is, of course, the idea or rumors that Katrina had indeed known that Hayden was taking video of their sex act. Coming out on television admitting that she had known video footage was being taken wouldn't be nearly as explosive as her saying that she didn't know she was being video taped. If she came out saying that she didn't know she was being video taped, the claim that she had been victimized by Hayden would be more titillating -- and that, perhaps is the key word here.

In any case, this morning I just heard Senator Bong Revilla denying that the Hayden Kho sex tapes had been revealed on the senate floor as a way for him to get publicity. Revilla was elected in 2004 as one of the senatorial candidates of then also running President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. His term is ending in 2010 and some say that he orchestrated this media blitz to boost his popularity as the elections draw near.

On Thursday, the senate will be taking up the Hayden-Katrina sex video scandal in a hearing and definitely, he will be figuring in it. He'll share the limelight with Senators Jamby Madrigal and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, of course. Revilla, this morning said that that hearing on Hayden Kho wouldn't be an investigation in aid of RE-ELECTION.

What is funny, it seems, is the proliferation of press releases that one senator or another has an Anti-Pornography law. Really?! And they had to wait for this controversy to make this known?!

I still remember the day when he stole the world's attention during the Manila Hostage taking crisis where Jun Ducat held several school children hostage in a bus. Revilla strode into the scene, being the godfather or some kind of relation to Ducat, and made pleas with him to release the children.

Here's an excerpt about the Manila hostage taking incident in March 2007.

The socalled hostage crisis started at about 8 am, afterwhich, he was surrounded by the Philippine SWAT and police teams. He however called the media to ask for coverage and demanded that a Philippine Senator, Bong Revilla be the hostage negotiator.

Revilla, who is running for re-election acceded to Ducat's request and made sure that the kids were alright.The senator admitted that he knew the hostage-taker and said, "I think he really cares about the kids, I know him but I am a little weary because he's holding a grenade and a gun and he could get nervy."

Revilla also told the police authorities that Ducat wanted to "address the people" and demanded that he be given airtime on the radios and TV. He was granted that request and spoke about so-called government corruption and his demand for better education for the children he kidnapped and took as hostage.

He failed to talk sense to Ducat apparently and handed the negotiations over to then administration Senatorial Candidate Chavit Singson.

Oddly, enough, Singson was able to persuade Ducat to surrender peacefully. But then, merely hours after the whole drama transpired, some newspapers came out with articles saying that the whole hostage had been a set up.

An aide of Jun Ducat, Cesar Carbonell, has a relation (an uncle, I think) who had been spotted several times at the Chavit Singson for Senator Headquarters at the Partas Bus terminal in Cubao.

If Hayden's mom is telling the truth in saying that the whole Hayden-Katrina expose is a set up for publicity, I think this fits into my theory that the whole thing was sprung on the public to distract people from the C-5 Double Insertion ethics complaint agains Senator Manny Villar.

Depending on how long the interest in the Hayden Kho sex video scandals will last, it will definitely muddle the focus on issues being deliberated upon in the Philippine Senate.

Yesterday, and I think hardly anyone noticed it again, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and Senator Aquilino Pimentel engaged in a bitter word war over the rules governing the proceedings against Senator Manny Villar in connection with the C-5 double insertion controversy.

Enrile called Pimentel a hypocrite and rebutted insinuations that he had been despotic about the proceedings against Villar. Pimentel shot back and said that the height of hypocrisy was Enrile's orchestration of an attack on himself to justify Marcos' declaration of Martial Law.

What is significant about the verbal wrangling was that Enrile was said to have resigned as Chairman of the senate Committee of the whole that will preside over the hearing of the ethics complaint against Senator Manny Villar.

This may eventually lead to someone taking over the post who may favor Villar and thence, steer the hearing to a conclusion favoring Villar.

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