Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MMDA signs of frustration

If this sign is not a hoax, the Metro Manila Development Authority under chairman Bayani Fernando has obviously taken to using cuss words as a way to make itself more understandable to the unruly masses it wants to discipline.

The sign literally says, "Hey you SOB! Just try crossing this street!"

It would appear that stern warnings of "BAWAL TUMAWID. NAKAKAMATAY." (Crossing prohibited. Fatal.) on large metal signs installed on high metal railings have failed to keep people from crossing streets.  In response to this, Chairman Fernando must have authorized the use of such signs to shock people into following traffic laws.

What else can we expect from Chairman Fernando?

Because after forcibly and violently demolishing squatter colonies and the shops of sidewalk vendors as well as building U-turns almost every major street in Metro Manila, we have already have a sign of how Fernando will choose to inflict his brand of leadership.

If given a chance, it will be a short lived one. Filipinos can tolerate corruption, but never cruelty.

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