Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pinoy recipes

Just hit an idea of coming up with an all pinoy recipe website which basically gives very detailed information about Filipino cooking ingredients and cooking techniques. It will be a comprehensive online resource for everyone who is interested in cooking pinoy dishes.

I think most will agree, that if you are cooking even pork and chicken adobo outside of the Philippines you'd have to make do with what is locally available. This may mean using ingredients like taiwan garlic which is a different variety from the more potent Tagalog garlic or you may have to substitute soy sauce or oyster sauce for the more prefered Filipino patis. The result will not be adobo but something else.

Basically, the idea for the website will be to describe in finer detail the ingredients down to the scientific name of the herbs and spices used. Right now, I am actually wondering what the exact name of the Tagalog garlic is and if there is actually a way to describe its chemical properties so that, in the event that substitutions become necessary, any one who wants to cook a Filipino recipe with a different kind of garlic will be able to make the substitution successfully.

The result will be authentic Filipino food.

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