Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cerge Remonde racks up P5 Million cellphone bill

Apparently, it's quite costly to defend President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Here's video from GMA7.

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hector_olympus said...

i wonder what they did with the 5 million.

must be loads of mobile phone charges to the white house?

Admin said...

I think President Obama picked up the call, realized who it was that was calling, and put them on indefinite hold.

Remonde excitedly reported to Mrs. Arroyo that he had Obama on the line and was just waiting for him to get back to him.

They didn't put down the phone for two months.

AdB said...

5 million pesos on cell phones? But this is plain wasteful, outrageously dumb...

betterphilippines said...



hilarious theory. on hold for two months!?!?! seriously funny. even funnier if this were a cartoon strip. and even funnier if that was really how it went down. ;):)

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