Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Running for President? What would Cory Aquino do? WWCAD?

Over the past few months we've become accustomed to news of one person declaring that he or she would be running for President in 2010.

And so, the list of Presidential candidates has grown to include not only old names in Philippine politics but names you have never even heard before. Like, for instance, who's Nick Perlas and who's JC delos Reyes?

I know Eddie Gil and Mike Velarde are running, but why? No, don't tell me... God told them to.

The thing is, we are confronted with candidates left and right who are running for all sorts of reasons including, my favorite, CHANGE.

But what is the difference between the change that Mar Roxas can give us and the change that Manny Villar can give us?

What is the difference between a Chiz Escudero Presidency and a Loren Legarda Presidency?

What is the difference between Dick Gordon, Bayani Fernando, and Jejomar Binay?

What is the difference between Gloria Arroyo and Erap Estrada?

Do we really have choices?!?

Anyway, I remember that before Cory Aquino decided to run for President, Chino Roces had to collect 1 million signatures for her.

Oh, I am sure, the candidates mentioned above can probably gather as many signatures (even if they and their staff have to sign a couple hundred thousand themselves).

But, really, if you are confronted with the opportunity to run for President would you? And would you ask, WWCAD? (What would Cory Aquino do?)

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