Friday, August 21, 2009

Mar Roxas Noynoy Aquino: A political marriage between men

Mar Roxas and Noynoy Aquino are getting married. It's not a gay union but people are asking, "So who's going to wear the veil?"

Oops! Hehehe!

Of course, I am not talking about gay marriage and gay bashing seems to be the order of the day as DJ MOJO JOJO's poster got pulled down for apparently being too gay.

I am talking about a political marriage of two great names in Filipino politics. Roxas is an illustrious name of vintage quality, dating back to the days when the Philippines was still officially under American rule. Aquino is of more recent vintage, it was made famous by Senator Benigno Aquino who is said to be the arch-rival of then President Ferdinand Marcos.

Weighing the two, Mar has the advantage of being already one of the most marketed names in
Philippine politics -- second only to Manny Villar, who spent more on advertising. He also has Korina Sanchez, who, although not as highly esteemed as Vice President Noli De Castro among media circles, is still quite popular among the more intelligent Filipino masses.

However, Noynoy Aquino looks like a sure winner to me. Being the son of the recently deceased President Cory Aquino and the brother of Kris Aquino is a sure fire formula for inducing a massive outpouring -- a tsunami of sympathy votes!

Heck! It worked for Pia Cayetano when her father Senator Rene "Companyero" Cayetano died in 2003 and when she ran in 2004, her sobbing got a fairly large number of votes. The elder Cayetano wasn't even that much of a TV personality before he became senator and his career had infact suffered some damage after it was dragged into the BW stock scam during Estrada's term as President.

But, Noynoy is going to get my vote because his alleged girlfriend
is Shalani Soledad -- a city councilour of Valenzuela with a shining political career.

I met her when she visited Marinduque for a fiesta and she was so fun to be with. Despite her awesome achievements as a political leader, she is still very much a kid at heart -- I found this out when we parked the bangka we were riding on a submerged sandbar just off the port of Santa Cruz. The girl just jumped into the water and her mother, who was with us for the trip, could only shrug her shoulders.

Anyway, going back to the Roxas-Aquino union, I think Noynoy will get more votes next year than Mar.


Anonymous said...

looks like a great pairing politically but i haven't really heared any brilliant ideas from Roxas though. are we just voting the name? Noynoy will most likely have Cory's simplicity and honesty something we need after Queen Gloria's tenure.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and he's perfect for the job of Vice President.

Last I heard, all it involves is to wait for the President to give up or die.

Gurlash said...

Hoy! Huwag niyong kalimutan si Danton Remoto!

betterphilippines said...

Platform Plez!

Leo said...

Mar has more chances of winning if he slide down to VP. Noynoy-Mar is far more lethal combination than the other way around.

Admin said...


I kinda subscribe to the odd idea that those aspiring for the Presidency ought to have some kind of plan for the country.

I think it's called a platform.

Does Noynoy have one?

Or is he going to cop out and say that since he hasn't decided on running yet, he doesn't have a platform.


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