Friday, August 21, 2009

Cory Aquino statue to be built in Rizal Park, NHI gives nod

I wonder what Bambee Harper or Ambeth Ocampo would now say to the construction of a Cory Aquino statue in Rizal Park?

They raised a hissy fit over the construction of the Lapu-Lapu Monument in 2003 on the grounds that only those who were killed in Luneta were supposed to have a statue or monument there. Which is odd, because Lorenzo Ruiz has a statue there and he was killed in JAPAN.

Here's the article from Philippine Daily Inquirer

Enshrined in the hearts of Filipinos, Corazon Aquino will also soon be immortalized in concrete and steel.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has ordered the immediate construction of a monument in honor of the late President’s contributions to Philippine democracy, MalacaƱang said Thursday.

The statue of Aquino will be erected at Rizal Park in Manila where the monument to national hero Jose Rizal also stands.

“With this monument, our nation will honor for posterity the memory of an extraordinary woman who united our people for one shining week in February 1986 and presided over the rebirth of democracy,” deputy presidential spokesperson Anthony Golez said, reading from a statement.

“We have long honored Tita Cory in our hearts, and now we will celebrate in deathless lineaments of concrete and steel the life and passage of a national heroine for the constant reminder of future generations.”

Golez said the construction would be completed in six months and would be facilitated by the National Historical Institute (NHI).

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