Thursday, August 13, 2009

News: Manny Villar denies new scam allegations by Jamby Madrigal

News about the Senate Ethics probe on Senator Manny Villar had Senator Jamby Madrigal firing away about a new “modus operandi” that allegedly multiplied the profits by companies owned by Villar and wife Las Pinas Representative Cynthia Villar.

In the latest development on the C-5 scam, Senator Madrigal revealed how the couple used their corporations to get a P3.5-billion loan from the Central Bank.

This has somewhat departed from where the Ethics probe started and Villar is, as expected, denying the allegations in the media.

This, it seems, is Villar's standard ploy these days and one wonders if this will be how he will deal with controversies if he is elected President come 2010.

Then again, as with all the news that comes from senate investigations, we can count on this investigation to be like a road going nowhere.

One of Madrigal's investigations that caught public attention but somehow faded away without any clear resolution is the Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho video scandal. Now that she has thrown her figurative hat in the ring and declared that she is running for President, her detractors are keen on pelting her with accusations of grandstanding in aid of election.

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