Sunday, August 09, 2009

Oust Willie Revillame movement: Proud and hopeful Pinoy's comment

A lot of people have been leaving their comments on the Willie Revillame entries on this blog. Among the better ones is from Proud and Hopeful Pinoy, because it resonates my own views on Willie Revillame.

Proud and Hopeful Pinoy's comment:
He is making money out of people's misery. ABS-CBN is keeping him because of all the money he is making. His show is one long commercial that runs for 4 hours. At what costs? He is banking on poverty and ignorance of our fellow Filipinos. He is espousing a culture of handouts. He is encouraging people to be poor because when the poorer you are more people would help you and give you money. Behind all these, he is making 1000x more money for himself because our poor brothers and sisters are crying on TV and dancing amidst humiliation.

The program itself lacks artistry and creativity. His songs are repetitive and poor in quality. The women are disrespected in so many ways in the show. the comedy is poor and offensive.

I can go on and on how the show corrupts many sectors in our society today and in the future.

The current incident is just one of the many faults and offenses by the show, all because of the host. Afterall he is the mastermind of it all proudly claiming he doesn't have a life anymore because of all the hardwork he puts into the show.

Sadly, just like corruption in our country, I am doubtful any action will be taken. I can only think of one reason: MONEY. We all know what's wrong with the show. We can feel how offensive and how it corrupts our society. Yet no one's taking action. ABS-CBN is not doing anything because of the money it generates. Mr.Revillame won't change his ways because of the money it generates. Politicians and government officials won't do anything because we have to admit many of those who support Wowowee constitute majority of our voters.

That's why action won't be taken.
ABS-CBN is money hungry. WILLIE REVILLAME is money hungry.
As a consequence of the greediness of these people, media will continually corrupt our society.

Lastly, when Chip Tsao called us servants we were all agitated. How come now that Wowowee is showing that we are our country of beggars instead of working in the middle of the day are lounging in the studio waiting for our chance to be winners, we seem to be apathetic.

I said "seem" because I'm sorry Mr. Revillame but there are Filipinos like me who see how hypocrite you are and we will sign that petition a million times to save our country from bad influences like you.


Anonymous said...

Takot ba ang ABS CBN kay Willie Revillame... Binastos nya ang ginagalang nating presidente, Mrs. Aquino... Hindi na kami nanonod ng wowowie... it's now wowowshit.

Anonymous said...

EXAGE!! BOOOO! feeling ko fan to ng other network. doon na kayo!

nicole said...

how can u be willie's fan? d u like seeing this tactless host humiliate his contestants and staff on air?wowo..he may have appologized to the aquinos but bottomline,he should be replaced. walang manners!

Anonymous said...

Mga 'raulo lang nagtatanggol ke Willie. Me nalalaman ka pang fan ng ibang network. Mag-isip ka teng!

Anonymous said...

HOY!! yung mga tagapag tangol ni WILLIE WALA KANG KWENTA!!! KATULAD NIYA!!!

bernard see said...

From:Redgy see
Sabi mo sa tutoo kalang, kung talagang nikikisimpatia ka sa nagluluksang bayan, makakabawas ba sang damukal mong pera ang itigil mo ang wahwah wi, ng ilang araw o kaya'y bawasan ang malaswang pag giling at pagkanyod ng mga alipores mo dahil luksa ang bayan. Ang tutoo para kang si hudas o herodes nagsasaya ng biyernes santo. Sa madali't sabi ang tutoo sa iyo, ikaw ay talagang bastos, walang etiketa at bopol o wala sa tamang kaisipan at walang karapatan sa isang live show. HOY GISING!! abs/cbn

Anonymous said...

sumobra na kasi yabang ni wilie. dahan dahan lang tol.

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