Sunday, August 23, 2009

Joey De Venecia III: So, pareng Gordon, where's is na the NBN ZTE report?

Joey de Venecia III is asking, "Pare, where is the NBN ZTE report? It's so tagal naman, baka naman someone is making duktor the report ni pareng Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. Labo naman, pare."

In his blog, where he refers to himself in the third person, de Venecia III writes:

“Senator Gordon has been sitting on it for too long,” he said, “This raises suspicions that the results of the original report that the committee formerly chaired by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano will be changed.”

Dude, is the guy writing your blog high? Senator Alan Peter Cayetano didn't come out with a report after holding 12 hearings on the NBN ZTE deal. There was not even a draft of the report.

The thing is, Senator Gordon had to basically start from scratch in DRAFTING the never before DRAFTED report. Do you know what the transcripts of 12 hearings look like? Do you know how many documents had to be pored over?

In anycase, I know the NBN ZTE report will come out.

The only thing I would regret about it is that if it doesn't recommend filing charges against you, MR. JOEY DE VENECIA and your friend, MR. JUN LOZADA.

INTEGRITY, Mr. Joey de Venecia, isn't squealing like stuck pigs over not getting a big cut in a government deal and getting scott free for your involvement in a corrupt act.

INTEGRITY is when you submit yourself to the mercy of the court for your crimes and admit to all wrong doings while helping law enforcers and the court to pin down the culprits.

Remember the cellphone conversation you had with Mr. Benjamin Abalos? Like, this one here or this one

Anyway, I'm sure the press will pick this up and you'll get the publicity you need to boost your bid for a seat in the Senate.

But I am thinking, are you really worthy of anyone's vote?

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