Monday, September 21, 2009

Mar-Noynoy and Villar-Revillame for 2010

It's final. Senator Mar Roxas has accepted Senator Noynoy Aquino's offer to run as his Vice President, but the announcement slated for TODAY may have to be made before Wowowee goes on air today as Willie Revillame's camp has made it known that their idol also has an earthshaking announcement today as he returns from his forced leave.

Will Willie Revillame end all speculations and declare that he will be running as Senator Manny Villar's Vice President?  Willie Revillame comes back on air today after being asked to go on leave from his show and there is a lot of hype being floated about his return.  Part of that talk is that he'll be taking his despicable showbiz antics to the even dirtier realm of Philippine politics either as Villar's Vice President or as a senator in Villar's line-up.

After being rejected by Senator Chiz Escudero and Vice President Noli de Castro, the word is that Villar's options may be narrowing and it may be a choice between Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay or Wowowee host Willie Revillame.  One choice seems funnier than the other.

First we have Binay, who once touted himself as the first Black Filipino Presidential candidate and Revillame whose base humor has caused him to be reviled, most recently, when he asked that the live video coverage of former President Cory Aquino's funeral be taken off the air.   Revillame has paid dearly for his misjudgement, perhaps saying good-bye to the P1 million a day he earns from hosting the show.

Senator Escudero made a flashy rejection of the idea that he would be Villar's running mate, saying that he'd rather team up with convicted plunderer and alleged murder mastermind former President Joseph Estrada.  I wonder, how did he arrive at this weird conclusion?

De Castro was seen and heard on television, irately shouting that he was not running as Villar's Vice President and he might as well have said the same thing to Lakas-CMD-Kampi when it was offering him a place as its standard bearer for the 2010 election.

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