Monday, September 21, 2009

Me, pro-administration masquerading for opposition? What's that?!

It's actually funny to learn that I've been branded as "obviously, pro-administration... masquerading as opposition".

You know who you are and I am not going to name you.

I've known you for quite some time (about ten years), way back to when you were still a reporter for the TV station we both worked for.

We've been in touch a number of times over the last few months and you were even asking about a supposed job you wanted to do for Senator Richard Gordon under the behest of one of his friends.  You even got in touch with his Chief of Staff, a number of people witnessed and heard you.  You even talked with me about it several times.

What I don't get is that at that time, you also wrote a number of  negative and stinging posts about Gordon when you were offering your services.

And I wonder, why is it just now that you've brought up the fact that I worked for Gordon -- as if this was just a recent discovery.

Yes, I worked for Gordon. As in I just resigned almost two months ago from his office in order to volunteer my time for free, so that I won't be accused of writing what I write about Gordon because I am being paid to do so.

What I wrote about your friend was not motivated by a need to defend Gordon, it was sincerely what I believed about him.

He ain't a victim, he's a willing participant in a web of corruption and influence peddling that leads to the highest office.

But, be that as it may, I went to Annabel's wanting to hear him out.  He came across as likeable and even lucid, contrary to what is said about him in other circles.  I even drafted an entry extolling your friend as perhaps one of the first senatorial aspirants to come up with a good legislative agenda in 2010.  And yes, I was willing to revise my views about him and his involvement in a well known scam.

Not for money.  But only because he actually took the time to meet me and explain his views.

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