Saturday, September 05, 2009

Paranoia and hysteria at the NBN ZTE Senate hearing

It seems Joey De Venecia III heard things that weren't said doing the NBN ZTE hearing.

Upon hearing Joey narrate that former Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos was virtually pimping the President and House Speaker Jose De Venecia as conspirators to the NBN ZTE Deal, Gordon pointed out that if he were in Joey's place he would have put a stop to such talk immediately.

Joey took offense and said that Gordon was calling him a bad son, when there was clearly no insinuation or mention of that.


Vote for this guy as Senator and I assure you, the country will be worse off.
“Sir, your father was being embarrassed, our country was being embarrassed, and you didn’t want to embarrass the chairman of the Comelec? Di ba kung ako yun, sasabihin ko ang tatay ko hindi involved dyan, ang Presidente namin hindi involved (If I were you, I would say that my father was not involved in that deal, our President was not involved),” said Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the Senate blue ribbon committee.

Gordon recalled how he stopped a Japanese lawmaker who was insulting the President and the Filipinos.

And De Venecia’s son, according to the senator, could have also done the same by telling ZTE officials during the meeting that his father was not involved in the transaction.

“That’s what I would have expected of a good son to a father,” Gordon said.

“Are you calling me a bad son, Mr. Chairman?’ asked the young De Venecia.

“No…I didn’t call you a bad son. Why are you so defensive?” Gordon retorted.

“I’m not defensive,” said Joey.

“You are,” Gordon answered.

“No, I’m not,” said. Joey.

Gordon then asked why the young De Venecia became upset when he was simply pointing out his failure to defend his father.

“I would have expected that kind of over-reaction while you were there [meeting with ZTE officials],” said the senator.

“Sir, don’t call me a bad son,” Joey said to which Gordon answered, “I don’t call you a bad son, you said it yourself.”

But Joey insisted, “You insinuated that I’m not a good son.”

Gordon said, “That’s your opinion and you are entitled to your opinion,” and the senator asserted his position as the lead chairman of the joint committees investigating the issue.


Gregorio said...

ala eh! Bokya naman pala ireng si Joey eh!

PJ said...

If Joey was able to clinch the deal will there be a whistle blowing?

To be fair with Joey also, where is the part where Joey was asking where the heck is Mike Arroyo's affidavit if indeed this is an honest to goodness investigation?

Do we really need a senate investigation in aid of legislation when they can do that without the fanfare and of course sound byte to benefit politicians who can't decide if they want to be legislators or judges?

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