Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Philippine Blog Awards 2009


It was my first time to join the Philippine Blog Awards and in its third outing, I was rather happy to have ended up as a finalist in the commentary category -- the only category I joined.

As a rule, I do not join contests of any sort because I am -- like other writers -- insecure about the way I write and even more insecure about how my thought processes as well as my sentiments would be viewed a critical panel of judges. In a way, I am an arrogant SOB because I don't like submitting my personal works to other people's judgment. In my mind, I am always and forever right. That is how insecure I am.


When I arrived at the PETA Theater in Quezon City around thirty or forty minutes late for what I thought would be the actual start of the program at 5:00PM.

I was immediately confronted by what seemed to be a sea of young people.  I think most of them were not even thirty years old.  They all looked like the sort that you'd find hanging around in coffee shops, rock concerts, or other places which I imagine would be a cool place.

Some of the people there were not at all bad looking, like this chick here:

Misery loves company and I had hoped that Better Philippines would be with me but my kumpare had work to do.  So, pakshet to that!


And so, there I was with so many people I didn't know.  Listening on their conversations.

I actually was smoking near at the entrance of the PETA theater when Marocharim and a couple of his friends came out to smoke too.  I caught them laughing about doing a Kanye West and how cool that would be like.

"Pare, if I win pare! I'll do a Kanye West!"

"Yeah pare, I'll do a Kanye West too!"

"Everybody is doing a Kanye West! That rocks!"

"Kanye west, yeah! Let's do that."






"So, are you going to do a Kanye West?"


I was distracted.

I really didn't understand most of whatever else was said because I was kind of distracted by something.

After smoking three cigarettes in rapid succession, I checked out the booths and the Nokia booth was a definite winner -- what with its super tall models!


Globe Tattoo also had a booth, which I ignored.  For some reason, Globe Tattoo doesn't work much faster than dial up where I live and I gave away the one I bought.  I wasn't interested in getting another one or registering on their booth to win one.

There were a couple of other booths giving away magazines in return for registering.  I didn't register for that too as the only magazines I read are the ones I find in my barber shop and for some reason, the February 1998 Times magazine I read there gets better every time I read it.

Anyway, the whole thing got underway, eventually.  Awards were given out, despite the minor glitches -- like the awardees not being present to accept the award.  Good Times Manila wasn't there and neither was Smoke aka Rom Sedona, who I wish I could have seen.


I saw Professional Heckler accept his award but really doubted that he really should have won over Good Times Manila, who is actually fresher and funnier.  But hey, what do I know about Blog Awards, anyway?

I saw Manuel L. Quezon III and I actually tried to approach him to shake his hand.  But just before I could reach him, he sort of just left and walked past me.

I wanted also wanted to say "Hi!" to Ellen Tordesillas too and I actually struck up a conversation with someone who I thought was Ellen Tordesillas.  Then, it dawned on me, it wasn't Ellen but just some old lady hanging around at PETA -- apparently for the free food and magazines.


During the program, much was said about bloggers and facebook users helping out by spreading the word about Typhoon Ondoy. Everyone kept saying it was great that bayanihan was present and that we had become somewhat united... blah... blah... blah...

I waited for someone to do a Kanye West, just to find out what that really meant.  No one did.

So, pakshet to that.


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