Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm back... (President Noynoy Aquino's biblical problems.)

I'm back.

Not necessarily with a vengeance.  Not necessarily wiser.  Not necessarily repentant.   Not necessarily better.

After going all out for Dick Gordon in the recently concluded 2010 Philippine Elections, I decided that I needed to take a break from writing about politics in the Philippines.

Things got pretty crazy on the internet and I can't say I didn't go beyond the realm of reason.

Yep! I called President Noynoy Aquino a lot of names and probably passed on stuff that were kinda nasty. 

I called a couple of other bloggers pretty bad things too.

I haven't, as of yet, regretted having said any of the things I've written. 

(Well, except for the few weeks that I spent fearing for the safety of my family when you-know-who started posting pictures of my family on his blog.  I mean, it wasn't bad enough that he VIOLATED INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED PRIVACY LAWS, he also started persecuting an HIV positive man, which is actually ILLEGAL in the US.)

Anyway, maybe, like Conrado de Quiros who railed against automated elections, perhaps, there is a chance that I will write my apologies to President Noynoy Aquino.

When I was still a scriptwriter/producer for the Presidential Broadcast Staff - Radio Television Malacanang (an agency created and led by Maria Montelibano), my former boss Alex F. Ontong asked me to write a feature on President Fidel V. Ramos "War on Poverty".

Being still raw and unaccustomed to the bureaucratese that populated most of the documents pertaining to the Ramos Anti-Poverty program, I turned in scripts that was successful in having the look and feel of absolute propaganda.

After reading my last unsuccessful attempt at a script, Alex generously gave his counsel and clued me in on how to view the Ramos Anti-Poverty program.

"Paul," Alex said in between puffs of his Marlboro reds, "kelangan mong maintindihan naman kasi pare... Ang poverty, tangina, BIBLICAL PROBLEM YAN!"

"Hmmmm.... so what do you mean? Do I put that in the script?" I said.

"Tangina! Bobo ka ba?  That is not the point.  The point is that you should realize that you are writing GOD DAMN propaganda about a program that will not succeed in what it says it will do.  The Anti-Poverty program will not END POVERTY.  Neither Moses nor Jesus Christ ended poverty, what would make you think that Ramos can do it?"

Well, Mr. President Aquino, it seems you've got a real challenge ahead of you because on top of promising to end POVERTY... You also promised to END CORRUPTION, which I think is yet another BIBLICAL PROBLEM.


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