Friday, June 18, 2010

Noynoy: Roxas is my alter ego

Seeing these words on Inquirer dot net got me thinking:
  • Are you sure Mr. President?  I was thinking Spongebob was your alter ego, but apparently, I'm wrong.
  • Can Korina tell the difference?
  • Shouldn't Ochoa be leading the transition team?
Is there anything barring Mr. President Aquino from taking the lead in the transition process?  Shouldn't he be directly leading his team in navigating through this rather tricky period?

Will leadership by delegation and proxy be the hallmark of his administration?

If you're wondering what I am talking about, here's an excerpt from the Inquirer story:
“We have the same mind-set, the same vision. In effect, he is representing me in a lot of aspects to be able to get the necessary data,” Aquino said in a press conference at his house in Quezon City. “We are getting ready to govern, so why would I not utilize the talents of Senator Roxas?”

Aquino has tapped Roxas to take the lead in his five-member presidential transition coordination team because of the latter’s expertise in fiscal data, having served as trade secretary in the Estrada and Arroyo administrations.

“We promise to have a handle on every single problem of the country as soon we take over,” Aquino said.

He said he also named former Trade Secretary Cesar Purisima to the team because of the latter’s inside knowledge of the government’s financial picture. (The other members of the team are Executive Secretary-designate Paquito Ochoa Jr., Liberal Party campaign manager Florencio Abad, and his daughter Julia Abad.)

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