Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stinky river Pasig

I was rather glad that my former boss Sen. Richard Gordon finally got to open the Maestranza Wall in Intramuros. 

It should be yet another addition to Manila's tourist attractions, however, one thing that will definitely go against it is the stink that comes from the Pasig River.

Despite the almost European feel of the place, I can't imagine eating Al Fresco or EATING AT ALL in that area.  The place stinks like shit, especially after it rains -- because that is when the esteros or tributaries dump hundreds of thousands of liters of rank sewerage and trash.

Can you imagine going out on a date near the Maestranza wall?

The reason why I am glad about the Maestranza wall's opening is because it will focus attention on just what is being done to revive the river.

Despite the glossy and noisy 'Save the Pasig River' movements... Despite the billions of corporate money thrown into it, why is the river is still dirty?

Where did all the money from Piso para sa Pasig go?

Also, where did all the river clean up money from big corporations like Unilever go? I'd hate to think that all that it really amounted to was PR, when in fact, nothing is really being done to revive the river.

One sign that President Noynoy Aquino's drive against corruption is actually taking effect would be if the Pasig River finally begins to get cleaner.

If the Pasig River starts getting really cleaner, then perhaps it would mean that environmental laws  and anti-dumping laws are finally being enforced -- wala nang nakakapaglagay sa DENR and LGUs.

Perhaps, cleaning up the Pasig River would be a great showcase for the Aquino Administration.
A cleaner Pasig River would be a better symbol than the BANGKANG PAPEL of the three squatter kids.


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