Tuesday, July 06, 2010

P200 Million ass law suit doesn't even get to court...

"The prosecutor's office saw what it really is: a sham. Hingan ba naman ako ng P200 million ng complainant! I'd like to stress that neither I nor the Belo Medical Group was responsible for her alleged infection. I wasn't even the one who performed the procedure on her," says Vicky Belo

Atty.Trixie Angeles (along with business associate Reynaldo Barnido) represents Jophine Norcio.

QC PROSECUTOR junks 200 million pesos sham!

Philippine Daily Inquirer

A Quezon City Prosecutor has junked the estafa and reckless imprudence charges filed by a dissatisfied client against beauty doctor Vicki Belo in 2009.

In a seven-page resolution dated May 17, Assistant City Prosecutor Romana Lindayag del Rosario dismissed the complaint against Belo and cosmetic surgeons Ronaldo Cayetano and Francis Decangchon of Belo Medical Group (BMG) for insufficiency of evidence,

The complaint was filed by businesswoman Josefina Norcio who said that in 2002, she underwent a butt enhancement procedure at BMG which led to an infection.

She added that she had to be confined in a hospital where she was operated on to get out the hydrogel which had been injected into her buttocks.

However, the prosecutor noted that the complainant failed to prove any deceit or misrepresentation on Belo’s part when the former first went to the BMG clinic to ask about the butt augmentation procedure.

“Nowhere in the complaint-affidavit was it stated with particularity how the said respondent employed deceit to convince the complainant to undergo butt enhancement procedure other than by convincing her that the product to be used, hydrogel, was safe,” she said.

Del Rosario added that Norcio was also unable to prove her claim that hydrogel was not safe except for a “self-serving assertion that the same was the cause of her infection.”

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