Monday, August 02, 2010

To the Aquino Commsgroup: "Truth Commission told to take no prisoners" WTF?

Mr. Carandang, Mr. Quezon, and Mr. Coloma,

I am very upset because I read something in the Philippine Daily Inquirer that caused me to blow very expensive coffee out my nose this morning.

Here is the offending article:

I guess you guys are some of the better communicators this country has and I think the irony of the title of this article won't escape you.

The phrase "Take no prisoners" is quite appropriate in situations of conflict, where the protagonist is rallied to kill all enemies.

But in a situation where the government creates an agency to ferret out and convict alleged plunderers, telling them to "take no prisoners" actually goes against what they are supposed to do -- which is to JAIL or IMPRISON CROOKS.

Yours Truly,

Pinoy Buzz

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