Wednesday, September 15, 2010

President Noynoy Aquino responds to Facebook Note written by man charged with 9 counts of estafa

Oh well, I am sure the Ampatuans, Mayor Antonio Sanchez, and other jailed politicians have their own opinions to share with President Noynoy Aquino.  I hope the President's communication team also considers their opinion too.

Reyn Barnido aka Rain Barnido wrote "Mr. President, Something In You Has To Die" and I wondered if this former officemate of mine was actually threatening to kill President Noynoy Aquino.

Much to my relief, this FORMER OFFICEMATE OF MINE was referring to a figurative and partial death.

But, there was actually a time when he did NOT SO FIGURATIVELY threaten an accountant in our office with physical harm.  It was during those days last year when it became apparent that he had been taking money from clients and using it to pay debts he owed to people in the company.

Money meant for the payment of a model's talent fee was taken from a client and given as payment to settle his personal obligation.  Money meant for the payment of a DJ's talent fee was similarly teased from the check book of another client and given as payment for another personal obligation.

Each time that he was successful at NOT getting caught, he became even bolder.

There were instances where he actually filched a receipt from the office of a cosmetic surgeon and faked it to make it appear that a breast augmentation procedure for a friend had been paid.  And, in fact, it was paid -- with a bouncing check from a lawyer known for extortion.

There were even accounts where he and others had schemed to milk a famous name in cosmetic surgery of some P50 Million, in exchange for stopping the negative publicity and dropping a suit filed against the woman.

There are other tales about Barnido, this one comes from Eric who was also an officemate of Rain Barnido:
Everytime Rain will appear in a place his press release is always "I lost my bag and wallet with all my money and ID" and with that he would say "pautang naman, my sister ako padadalhan ako ng pera bayaran kita agad".
I have talked to some of his friends and I noticed his pattern. He kept saying that her "sister" will send her momey to pay and all but nobody even saw or knows her sisters name.
I also heared from a group of nuns or convent-flock of penguins (i dunno what you call them) where Rain lived and worked before that when they met Rain, he has nothing! Absolutely nothing! No ID, No money-like he just appeared on their doorstep! In fairness to Rain, he worked his ass off for the nuns but eventually he started charging the nuns for everything that he does and not even taking to consideration that the nuns provide him free meals and a roof under his head.
Moving forward, we found out that Rain forged the signature of a mother superior for a contract. when the Nun heard about it she was shocked and mad! All of a sudden, the Nuns has a whooping debt in an advertising agency. 
We also found out that the nuns made payments to the company where Rain worked for but Rain did not remit their payment to accounting. As a matter of fact, he kept telling the accounting manager that the nuns were out of town and that they haven't paid yet. When nuns demanded for a recipt Rain kept stalling
Rain also worked for an NGO, same story: he lost his wallet so no ID, no permanent address. Then he handles an event, collects the money and then poof! Vanishes without a trace.  
After all the trouble he caused (the company he and I used to work for lost hundreds of thousands of pesos), several cases of estafa were filed against him.

ABS-CBN and ANC recently ran a report about Rain after President Noynoy Aquino (or was it Manolo Quezon III) sent out a response to his letter.

A friend brought up the issue of Rain Barnido's shady past with the producers of the shows that carried the report.

"Could you please pass on the message to the person who wrote the entry, Pretty unfair I think, but we're all entitled to our opinions."
called my attention to an entry on your blog where you crticized Anc's anchor for discussing the letter of Reyn Barnido on the show. I can understand your disappointment, especially since it was "Dona Victorina" who filed several cases of estafa against Barnido. However, I disagree with what appears to be your view that Barnido has no right to write the President just because he is facing estafa charges. Even people convicted of bigger crimes have rights. I see nothing wrong with the President's response, no the fact that we discussed this on the show, especially since we focused on facebook as a means to communicate with the President and Vice Versa.
Oh well, I am sure the Ampatuans, Mayor Antonio Sanchez, and other jailed politicians have their own opinions to share with President Noynoy Aquino.  I hope the President's communication team also considers their opinion too. 

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Noynoy isa kang KRIMINAL, with your KRIMINAL friends.

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