Sunday, October 24, 2010

RH Bill, another dead letter law in the making

Despite the hype and dramatics surrounding the Reproductive Health Bill or Bills, it has all the makings of another dead letter law.  It will be a piece of legislation that will neither curb or abate the rise in population significantly or substantially slow down the spread of STDs.  

Making contraceptives and prophylactics available, per se, won't lead to lesser child births or lesser people contracting STDs.  Neither will sex education, per se.

It is a band-aid solution foisted on the general public as a crucial issue of the time, but in reality, the RH bill or bills just make for a drama that serves nothing more as a smokescreen for the present administration's helplessness in the face of the real issues.

There are only two things that can abruptly hinder runaway population growth, for certain.

One is good quality education and another is jobs.

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