Monday, October 25, 2010

Safe, ecologically friendly paint that is NOT PAINT

Ecologically friendly, safe, and versatile home finishing solutions in Fineza

If the title confused you a bit, here's the explanation.

Most people in the Philippines use various kinds of paint to finish their homes and make it look, well, nice.  Most Filipinos prefer to use paint rather than other finishes such as wall paper, wood or fabric panels because of the relatively lower cost and ease of installation.

In other countries, where people are more ecologically conscious and where they put a prime value on 'health and safety', people are shifting from ordinary house paint to finishings that do not pollute the environment and do not contain potentially life threatening toxins.

In the US, certain types of paint have been banned largely because of the chemicals and substances contained in them.  Lead containing paint has been banned and now, the US Environmental Protection Agency warns against paint that contains mercury.

There are actually some brands in the Philippines that advertises its safety and eco-friendliness. Some are advertised with claims that their paint does not emit noxious fumes and there are some who even say that their paint emits healthy negative ions.  But, despite the great product claims, these brands and types of house paints are still beyond the reach of the ordinary home builder -- and that's not even factoring the cost of maintaining the finish, which as we know, may cost as much as the initial installation of the paint.

Fineza G-89, the maker of a wide variety of decorative renders (render - coat with plastic or cement), came up with a solution for home finishing that provides many of the benefits of eco-friendly paints at a more economical price.

To put it simply, Fineza G-89's renders is cement that comes in a huge array of colors that can be applied to any kind of surface to achieve any kind of texture you have in mind.

Here's a bit more about Fineza from their website:

Fineza finishing materials are decorative renders applied exterior and interior floors and walls of homes,schools, churches, commercial buildings,  and  any  type  of  dwelling  or  infrastructure.  
Decorative  renders  offer exquisite, high  value, and lasting finishing material  to surfaces  and are superior alternatives to paint and other traditional finishing materials (e.g. wall paper, tiles, etc.).
Aesthetically  beautiful and  budget friendly finishing materials come in various colors, textures, and designs. 
Unlike ordinary paint, fineza offer the following advantages: Easy to use, Does not fade or peel, Odorless, Environmentally Eco-friendly, and Cost Friendly
And one more thing, perhaps, that should be added is that Fineza G-89 adds to your home's fire resistance -- chiefly because it is cement.

Fineza is the sort of finishing you'd want on your home if you really want the finish to last a lifetime.  After application, the render bonds forever with the surface that it has been applied on and the only way you can take it off is to either tear down the wall or use a hammer and chisel to take it off.

Here's a typical residential project where Fineza 89 decorative renders was used:

You may look at other pictures of Fineza G-89 applications here

Fineza G-89 has been used by a wide assortment of builders as finishing solutions, in some cases, replacing even tiles or brick finishes.

Here is just a bit about their current clientele:

among others: Lor Calma Design Associates, Olmedo Designs, Imagimax, Earth & Style, and Multi-Development and Construction Corporation [MDCC]. We are also actively working with top real estate developers, construction companies and property experts such as Laguna Property Holdings Inc., Community Innovations Inc., G.C. Berberabe Construction, Rockwell Land, Century Properties and Makati Development, just to name a few.

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