Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The cost of "Pilipinas kay ganda"

How much money did the Aquino Administration through it Department of Tourism SPEND for the launching of the "Pilipinas kay ganda" slogan/rebranding?

I have no idea how much has already been spent for someone to come up with "Pilipinas kay ganda" as a tourism slogan for the Philippines, but according to one report:

TTG Daily News
Philippines gets new brand 
Ollie Quiniquini, Singapore (2010-11-16)
The Department of Tourism will initially invest US$7 million to roll out the brand internationally, said undersecretary Vicente Romano. TV commercials on international cable channels will kick off the brand's international debut in February. Around US$2 million of the promotional budget will be spent on new media campaigns.
So, the DoT was preparing to spend US $ 7 million on TV commercials and some US $ 2 Million on new media campaigns.

Someone on twitter said that US $ 9 million promoting "Pilipinas, kay ganda!" is a small amount to spend if the country's tourism earns billions of pesos in tourism revenue.

However, that is supposing that "Pilipinas, kay ganda!" as a rebranding theme will really draw tourists to the country.

Supposing that all the critics against the re-branding theme or slogan are all wrong and it doesn't actually DE-MARKET the Philippines to foreign tourists, the government better have an improved way of tracking the response to the re-branding campaign.

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