Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pilipinas kay ganda website, home to BAD WRITING... Worth Php 100 Million?

Reposted from Ellen Tordesilla's blog

I was able to browse through the site Monday night before it was taken down and was horrified by the inferior quality of the articles. The writing is atrocious, the grammar, bad. Take this opening article:”The Philippines; being an archipelago, offers countless of destinations to see, adventures to experience and activities to do. The country is blessed with a rich environment…”

I was not able to copy the full text before it was taken down. It’s a good thing Dennis Garcia, musician and advertising executive, pasted a portion of it on his Facebook wall. Dennis said, “I would love to meet the writer of these classic lines and finance his/her writing workshop with John Silva. Para nyo nang awa…”

There were so many senseless phrases I noticed in the short time that I browsed through the pages online.New media expert Carlo Ople also noticed a number of them. He asked, “What does ‘Feast your Plate’ mean? “

Cebu-based tour guide Bino Guerrero said whoever wrote the section on Cebu does not know Cebu because it said, “You will also see cliffs that tower above crashing surfs, virgin forests, clear rivers, mossy jungles, and cool mountain ridges.”
Guerrero asked, “Where in Cebu can you find it?

An article about Cebu’s nightlife mentioned Ayala Mall. Doesn’t the writer know that malls close at the latest, 9 p.m?

DID WE FUCKING PAY P100 Million for this SHIT?

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