Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Marriage plans with Lizzie Uy saves President Noynoy Aquino's trust rating from bottoming out

Talk of an impending break up with Shalani Soledad and more talk about romantic links heating up with Lizzie Uy have probably buoyed the waning popularity of the 50 year old bachelor President, Noynoy Aquino.

The headline of President Aquino's favorite newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, reads "P-Noy's ratings dip but still high" and says little else about what kept it from sliding to an all time low after his administration broke out in a rash of gaffes.

The erosion of support for President Aquino has been peeping through conversations which at one point or another, made itself visible on Facebook and Twitter.

There was talk about a pullout of support after President Aquino let it slip that he had second thoughts about retaining DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo and more recently, the shutdown of what was formerly a citizen administered Facebook Fanpage called BSAIII.

Given that such occurrences are still vague indications of a true pull out of support, it still is an indication of a lack of cohesion among the forces that catapulted him into power and the inability of President Aquino to truly command or lead the fragmented lot of competing interests.

So, in order to muffle the melee in Malacanang, his spinmasters have been leaking out a supposed dalliance with the hyper socially connected Lizzie Uy. Or, then again, maybe not.

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