Monday, November 15, 2010

Pacquiao wins 8th world boxing title

I was having my long delayed soak in a hot herbal pool at Ace Water Spa when I caught Manny Pacquiao's win on free TV and while it wasn't as spectacular as the fights where he won by KO, it was certainly one of those victories that indeed buoyed my spirits. 

I don't think there has been any Filipino boxer or any boxer in Pacquiao's weight class that has managed to win eight titles.  He now has the WBC super welterweight title, the latest addition to the other titles that he has.
  • WBO Welterweight Champion, November 14, 2009 -
  • IBO Light Welterweight Champion, May 2, 2009 -
  • RING Light Welterweight Champion, May 2, 2009 -
  • WBC Lightweight Champion, June 28, 2008 -
  • RING Super Featherweight Champion, March 15, 2008 -
  • WBC Super Featherweight Champion, March 15, 2008 - June 28, 2008
  • WBC International Super Featherweight Champion, Sep 10, 2005 - March 15, 2008
  • RING Featherweight Champion, Nov 15, 2003 - Jun 22, 2005
  • IBF Super Bantamweight Champion, Jun 23, 2001 - Jan 1, 2004
  • WBC Flyweight Champion, Dec 4, 1998 - Sep 17, 1999
From the looks of what I caught on TV, Manny didn't have it easy with Antonio Margarito and it was a much better fight than the one he had with turtle Clottey.

I am not going to imbue this latest Pacquiao with any more significance than what it deserves.  He is, bar none, one of the greatest Filipino boxers of all time and certainly someone whose dedication to a skill/art/craft/profession should be emulated by all.

The problem begins when people start seriously thinking that Pacquiao ought to do more than he has already done.

Any chump can become a politician, but it takes whole different order of something to become a boxer of Manny's caliber.

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