Sunday, November 21, 2010

We have to earn the WOW in WOW Philippines!

The Philippine Daily Inquirer made a good point with its editorial today, Wow.
To get the wow, one has to earn the wow. In that sense, the DOT has a lot more to do than merely change its slogan or, for that matter, offering up a new website
A few days ago, Tourism Secretary Bertie Lim emphasized that the new tourism slogan ought to be believable and quite frankly, there are only a few bright stars in Philippine tourism that really deserves a Wow.

The thing is, rather than own up to the challenge of rallying the tourism industry to earn the Wow, it seems that it opted to scale down the national tourism slogan to "Pilipinas, kay ganda".

Really, it's a sign of the new Administration's lack of vision.

In any case, if the country ain't WOW at this point, perhaps, the current administration should work at making it so.

WOW is what the country could be and ought to be.  And in striving for a level of awesomeness, perhaps, this quest for WOW can turn our country around. 

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