Monday, November 07, 2011


How did the Aquino's and Cojuanco's emerge as the country's foremost economic and political clan?  Are our news media organizations really turning a blind eye and keeping quiet about how the Aquino-Cojuanco clan managed to amass and continues to wield great wealth and power in the Philippines?

Baron Buchokoy of Pinoy Monkey Pride productions tries to answer these questions his latest video "Aquino Cojuanco: Facts they don't want you know"

While it proves a bit challenging to believe outright, the narrative flow forged by arresting imagery combined with right-on-the-money sound-bytes somehow makes it easy to suspend disbelief for 15 minutes -- which is the length of the three part video.

Baron Buchokoy rails at the oligarchy, however, in my mind the enemy really isn't the powers that have come to be, but the culture of the people that have made it possible for them to rise.

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Anonymous said...

this aquino video depicting the very start of the family's wealth and kasakiman is a correct way to present the other side of truth. the gold coins 'taken' by mistress ysidra cojuangco is the wealth of the entire Filipino nation, so it follows that this family should return what is due the nation. the Filipinos shld. also open their eyes & minds to this fact.

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