Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Who is Baron Buchokoy of Pinoy Monkey Pride?

For the past couple of months, people at the FB groups Get Real Philippines Community and The AP Group have had the privilege of enjoying the premiere showing of Baron Buchokoy's videos.

Although I was always impressed with the way Baron uses animation, sound-bytes, and video clips to convey his ideas in quite an artistic manner, I never really thought he'd actually go viral in ginormous way.

So, when his "AQUINO COJUANGCO: FACTS THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW" video started to accumulate a huge number of hits and started becoming viral, I was awed.

I reached out to him through Facebook and asked him through a direct message to ask if he would be available for interview on television, I received a short polite response:
Thanks sa offer. But I want to maintain my efforts as an idealistic effort. Meaning I don't want to attribute it to one person (me). If I stay anonymous, it would be easy for people to become part of it. Until a solid figure who embodies "Fight Filipino Ignorance" comes out.
Other friends who either produce or report for TV News programs are seeking him out.

Anyway, I can't help but compare Baron Butchokoy to Mideo Cruz and the comparison leads me to say, "Simply sticking a dick on someone's forehead to get your point across is a cheap ploy. Baron conveys his message with vigorous imagery and a great sense of narrative."

For more of Baron's videos, I suggest you visit his Youtube Channel  

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