Sunday, November 13, 2011

#Comelec commissioner #Gus #Lagman refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room

This is a short post because it is a Sunday and I'm trying to lose all the calories i ate last night.

OES proponent and now Comelec Commissioner Gus Lagman is railing at what he claims to be a Smartmatic-TIM lobby aimed at getting the government to purchase a number of machines used in the last elections.

If at all the claims he made about the Smartmatic PCOS machines being riggable or seriously flawed are true, it should lead to the conclusion that the results of the 2010 automated elections are dubious and should be scrapped.

Prior to the elections, all presidential candidates that could spare the time met with officials of Smartmatic and Comelec to be 'briefed' and 'assured' that the automated election system would work as claimed. 

There were at least two demonstrations and briefings done for the benefit of the Aquino camp.

If at all the automated election system was rigged, it was most likely rigged for the biggest winner - which is Lagman's benefactor of sorts.

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