Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Who's behind Baron Buchokoy?

Benign0 makes a fine point as usual about Baron Buchokoy's refusal to to come out in the open and answer a couple of questions about his work.

But even without Buchokoy, people have already been coming out to speak for him and are putting out speculations about his motives. 

Some say he's working for Senator Bongbong Marcos and is crafting these videos to spread a revisionist view of the Marcos years.  It's easy enough to take this view, a number of Buchokoy's videos does paint former President Ferdinand Marcos and the Marcos Regime in a favorable light.

But then again, parts of some of Buchokoy's video also casts Senator Villar's C-5 scam in a better light and his latest video makes use of soundbytes from Senator Dick Gordon.  It also makes references to the plight of Hacienda Luisita Farmers.

President Benigno Aquino's communication team and Budget Secretary Butch Abad dismisses the video as belated anti-Noynoy propaganda, even hinting that former President Gloria Arroyo's camp may be behind the video.

Pedro Jacobo aka Pedestrian Observer, in a thread on Inday Varona Espina's wall, says that it really doesn't matter who made the video. He says those behind it obviously know what they are doing and his real concern centers around those who believed the video outright.

Then again, granting that Buchokoy did take a pretty liberal license in constructing an alternate view of history to come up with an engaging narrative, could it be much worse than believing the propaganda that President Aquino pumped out during the campaign season last year? Could it be much worse than believing the current Administration's propaganda that tries to convince people that the government is indeed functioning?

Going beyond this, what are the ideas being put forward by Buchokoy? And why did he chose to use Marcos and other people as elements in his narrative?

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