Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ginger Conejero Quits Mo Twister's Show After One Day?

I've met Mo Twister once or twice in 2009 and got to shake his hand.  He really seems to be a very nice guy in person.

Some mutual friends connected with Smart or one of the agencies that has Smart for a client say he IS a very nice guy, despite the bad rap he gets for his radio program and off-the-air persona.

He actually reminds me of a really cool Fil-Am classmate I had in grade school that got beat up all the time because he was small and had a smart mouth on him.

So, anyway, imagine my surprise when I started getting news about Mo's fellow DJs on Good Times with Mo quitting his show, one after the other.

The way it has been told to me, the story goes like a couple of episodes of a US TV Soap just before it gets canned.  Oh the drama!

My good friend Mojo Jojo leaves, then Angelicopter leaves, and then Grace Lee leaves!

Grace Lee on her last day as DJ on Good Times with Mo.
Then all sorts of people come in to try and replace them.

The last word I got was that Ginger Conejero got on board, but decided to leave the show after just one day with Mo Twister.

Why are all these very talented and entertaining people quitting Good Times with Mo?


Getyourfactsright said...

get your facts right! Angelicopter got terminated by the management and Ginger Conejero NOT CORNEJERO just guested as a trial dj.

Anonymous said...

I bet that's mo twister posting comment in a flash!

Paul Farol said...

Oh! I've always thought it was Cornejero. Dang!

Anonymous said...

Mojo got sacked as well. The show has had so many djs that have come and go but it's still there.

Tyler026 said...

dumb blogger ginger just went there for a chemistry test ..you should not blog uncredible things i bet ur not even a listener of good times ang tanga mo!

Paul Farol said...

I appreciate your passionate and candid response to this blog post. Thank your for taking the time and effort to learn some English and some typing skills that enabled you to post this comment.

I especially appreciate your attempt to ascertain the level of my intelligence and figure out my radio listening habits just based on a single blog post.

I hope you return with another comment on this blog and I will wait with anxiously until you make another comment.

apckulow said...

I hope to see her back in your show. I luv Ginger!

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