Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baihana: Proudly Filipina, Singing for Global Harmony

After Manny Pacquiao's loss to Timothy Bradley and Jessica Sanchez' loss to Philip Philips and then hearing her sing the Start Spangled Banner, suddenly I get word of a Filipina vocal trio making waves on the global scene.

Fast rising vocal trio Baihana interprets the official score of Emirates’ Harmony in the country and serves as the nation’s primary campaign representative. The three ladies used pure vocals to interpret Emirate's score or jingle because the Filipino voice is what is known worldwide in contrast to other musicians representing their countries who used traditional instruments.

The fantastic Baihana trio of Krina Cayabyab, Mel Torre, and Anna Achacoso combines three part vocal harmonies with feminine humor, era jazz music and wit.  Baihana is a derivative of the Cebuano word which means babae in Tagalog and girl in English. The ladies’ musical influences are the Andrew Sisters, the Chordettes, and many other famous 1950s and 1960s jazz vocal groups. The trio is managed by The Thirdline Inc.

Here's Krina, Mel, and Anna singing the Emirate's score.

The three women are lending their voices to Emirate's global brand platform "Hello Tomorrow".

In a write up, Emirates country manager describes Baihana:

Gigie Baroa, Emirates Philippines Country Manager noted that with Baihana’s exceptional vocal prowess, outstanding showmanship, charming wit and enchanting choral harmonies, the group is a living testament to the reputation of Filipinos as world class artists.
“Filipinos are renowned all over the world for their fabulous contributions to the music industry,” Baroa said. “World-class talents such as Miss Saigon star Lea Salonga, Black Eyed Peas member Apl D Ap, Journey frontman Arnel Pineda, international singer Charice, ‘Asia’s Queen of Songs’ Pilita Corrales, ‘Anak’ singer-songwriter Freddie Aguilar, ‘Asia’s Nightingale’ Lani Misalucha, to name a few, had given prestige to the Philippines because of their heartfelt songs and excellent skills.”
“Dubbed as ‘The Future of Original Pilipino Music,’ Baihana truly embodies Emirates latest brand campaign – Global Harmony,” Baroa added. “A perfect fit for Emirates Airline as a lifestyle brand; the group is fresh, unified, enjoyable, youthful, vibrant, talented, and world-class.

The airline company invites the world to interact with its brand platform through and  the carrier aims to strike a chord with music fans around the world by asking them to help create the ultimate musical mash up.  Music fans and followers of the carrier can contribute their own versions of the Emirate's jingle, possibly snagging some global attention when it is featured on the site.

The airline’s Harmony campaign invites participants to interact with a specially-commissioned musical composition, which has been recorded by professional musicians playing traditional instruments from around the world, such as the harp, Taiko drum, bass guitar, saxophone, Shekere, Oudht and Indian Flute.

Those who go on the Emirates Harmony site can choose to either upload pre-recorded video or record their contribution via webcam.

More about the girls...

Krina is the daughter of “The Maestro” Ryan Cayabyab and is the creative force behind Baihana. She does most of the group’s vocal and musical arrangements. She composes the music of their original songs, while her group mates, Mel and Anna, usually provide the lyrics. Her composition “Isaw,” won first place in the novelty category of the 2010 FILSCAP Song Writing Festival; a shimmering testimony to Krina’s musical lineage.

Funny girl Mel Torre’s voice is the group’s cornerstone of Baihana’s intricate vocal harmonies. As the group’s alto (Anna and Krina are sopranos), it’s easy to differentiate Mel’s low-husky voice even within the three-part harmonies of Baihana’s vocal arrangements. Her stunningly versatile vocal solos are sturdy and soulful; it is easy to think that she can hold her own against the country’s best soloists. She also sings alto in her choir group, Anima and then shifts to the blues with remarkable ease - as the substitute vocalist for the Blue Rats.

Cute and witty Anna Achacoso, is the granddaughter of the illustrious singer-actress Armida Siguion-Reyna. Anna sings most of the tough second voice parts in the melodies of the group’s songs. Her voice unites Mel's low range vocals and Krina's high range parts to form Baihana’s trademark sound.


Marcial Bonifacio said...

The Bahaina trio is quite impressive.  Gayunman, I was most interested in the group's jazz and big band pieces, halimbawa, "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B."  I may just seek out some of their compact discs, sapagka't you have brought the Pinay trio to my attention.

Gcajandab said...

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