Thursday, July 01, 2010

US Envoy Harry Thomas sees parallels between PNoy and Obama

Flattery begets flattery and you don't get it any thicker than from US Envoy Harry Thomas.

You can probably imagine all the Noynoyans being tickled pink after Thomas pointed out "remarkable parallels between President Noynoy and President Barak.

Separated at birth? Noynoy and Barak.

Well, they are both smokers.  They both have baritone voices.  They are both big on promises.

GMA News dot TV came out with this article:

"Yesterday [Wednesday] when I saw President Aquino inaugurated, the parallels were remarkable. We had young dynamic presidents, and you look at the crowd, they were both so hopeful," he said.

He said that like [what] the American people asked of Obama in his inauguration in 2009, Filipinos now want Aquino to "lead us out, change, make things happen, bring us good government, jobs, and weed out corruption."

Thomas said this shows Filipinos "want democracy, effective government, jobs, education for their children, just like we do in the US."

"And we're going to try to partner with you on those issues in which President Aquino would like us to work with," he added.

On the other hand, he said Obama sees himself as partly Asian having been raised in Hawaii and Indonesia.

"We hope both presidents will be able to establish a relationship but more important is the relationship between our two great nations," he said. — LBG/RSJ, GMANews.TV

Of course, Noynoyans will probably take "remarkable parallels" to mean that Noynoy is LIKE Barak and will probably gloss over the nuances of what was really said.

I think what Thomas was trying to convey was that like Barak, Noynoy was delivered to the highest office of the land with very high expectations and that the US would "partner" with him to help him deliver on his promises to the people.

It seems President Noynoy has a lot of people wanting to "help"...

You've got the Hyatt Ten... You've got the Roxas and Drilon factions of LP... You've got the commies... You've got various business interests within Aquino Cabinet...

No wonder, Ole Noy was singing Estudyante Blues!
Paggising sa umaga (When I get up in the morning)
Sermon ang almusal  (I get lectures for breakfast)
Bago pumasok sa eskwela (before going to school)

Kapag nangangatwiran (When I reason out)
Ako'y pagagalitan (I get scolded)
'Di ko alam ang gagawin (I really don't know what to do)

Ako'y sunud-sunuran (I just follow orders)
Ayaw man lang pakinggan (Nobody wants to listen to me)
Nasasaktan ang damdamin (My feelings get hurt)
Talk about reliving one's adolescent years!

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Pinoy Ako said...

LOL! All politicians are big on promises. The question is, can President Noy deliver his? I truly hope so.

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